Alpha's images always have a story to tell. Whether she's on location or creating in studio, every aspect of her images is thoughtfully considered to arrive at the most impactful result. She's been developing her process for nearly as long as she's held a camera in her hands, which is to say, most of her life. Her style extends across many different areas, but it always comes back to light — something she notices everywhere she goes and is fluent in translating. In addition to her technical skills, Alpha brings a strong sense of emotion to everything she captures, resulting in images with complex layers, nuance, and depth. In her work as both a photographer and a director, Alpha loves collaboration and believes the client should always feel like they are part of the creative process. She relishes bringing a client's vision to life, uncovering the heart of what they want to communicate. Outside of her work, Alpha is moved and inspired by travel, architecture, and the natural world.