Whether it's through art direction, prop and set styling, photography, or retail design, Kate is adept at creating spaces where everyone feels welcome. Even her images are laced with a genuine, comfortable, lived-in feeling, like you could walk right in. Often in her role as a photographer, Kate wears all the hats, from ideation and concepting to art direction, styling and shooting. Whether the vision is cheerful and sunny or moody and contemplative, her images are always marked with genuine human emotion. She brings a refined eye to her work, but much like life itself, the result never feels staged or perfect. She is always looking for that human moment, that in-between space, that proof of life. Her style spans across multiple areas, with a focus on still life, lifestyle, and interiors. She also has a sweet spot for floral arrangements, which always lend a welcome burst of life. Outside of her work as an artist—and mother—she is also the co-founder of Lokah, an organic coffee brand that supports women-owned farms throughout the world.