Food and lifestyle photographer Lennart Weibull was born in Philadelphia to a Swedish sailor and a Filipino nurse, two courageous seekers who set out to experience the world. Raised in the US and Sweden, Lennart shares their keen international perspective, native curiosity and ability to push beyond the expected. He creates contemporary, shimmering images of food, still life, lifestyle and interiors for major brands, advertising, book publishing and editorial outlets in the US and Scandinavia.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Lennart joined the Navy, although with the goal of becoming a combat photographer. Assigned to an aircraft carrier where his photographs were released daily to news agencies all over the world, Lennart developed the sense of authenticity and deep observation that is at the center of his work.

Obsessed with light and color, Lennart says, “the light describes the feeling,” providing the key to the narrative arc of his pristine, glowing images. Tapping into his powerful visual references and memories that inspire each project, he is deeply involved in every stage of story development, from backdrops to props and surfaces that feel “just right,” always distilling the elements into a refined environment that intimates real life.