Stylist John Dittrick began his career as an eight-year old actor in hometown Omaha, Nebraska, with a role in Oliver!, which immediately transformed him into a local celebrity. What a way to get started! Raised in a close-knit family by an informed, devoted mother and an attorney father who was a born storyteller, John grew up with a real sense of community, profoundly instilling in him the values of collaboration and acceptance. Performance and the theatre were the driving force in his life for many years, propelling him to Los Angeles to study acting, and then set design at Loyola Marymount. These intertwined skills and interests taught him how to “create a world” and to profoundly understand how people inhabit space, traits that are essential for stylists and art directors working in the “how we live” sector. His ability to create tableaux led to an in-house role at West Elm, where he continued to develop his point-of-view, one that is both accessible and aspirational for the consumer.
What is in his handbook for living these days? Textiles, linens and soft textures; comfortable furniture with clean lines; vintage glassware; the blending of old and new; and mixing and matching old china. And most importantly, relaxing with the treasured family and friends who form his community.