Prop Stylist Victoria Maiolo’s work is known for its easygoing charm and grace. Adaptable and truly egalitarian, she invites her clients to share as partners in the creation of imagery and motion pieces that infer real-life narratives filled with radiant joy.

Born into an Italian family of precise and gifted hands-on marble artisans, Victoria comes naturally to her interest in the human touch. Even as a child, she was inventive and thoroughly involved, cleverly designing and constructing a Barbie house built solely from household items. In her prop styling, she continues to use what she intentionally and intuitively discovers along the way, attracted to random moments, the natural world and a sense of the personal in her commissioned and personal work.

Victoria lives in Brooklyn with her photographer/director husband amidst the poetry of found objects and vintage finds. Connected to her own generational roots, close-knit loving family connections are at the authentic heart of what she brings to all of her projects.