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Award-winning Photographer and Director Toby Mitchell shares the inspired philosophy of the great 19th C poet John Keats, who wrote that “Beauty is truth, truth beauty– that is all.” Empathetic and romantic, Toby’s uplifting, cinematic photographs and short films embrace our humanness, illuminating brand and personal narratives about our present, our past and our dreams for the future.

Raised in Bath in a visual, musical family (dad an architect, mum a jewelry designer), he is inspired by the changing quality of the landscape and the sea. With his deep connection to nature and a longstanding desire to be a pilot, Toby’s fine art photographs are shot at a distance from earth, encouraging his viewers to see the world from a new perspective. His lifestyle, interiors and travel work connects with global brands of all sizes who appreciate the world he creates, one filled with inspiration and charm.

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