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Creative Director, Design Director and Strategic Premium Content Creator Laura Eyres is a gifted multi-hyphenate whose insights and meticulous visual identity concepts call us to engage with some of the most established and revered high-street retailers in the world. Laura began her career by developing lifestyle Lookbooks for major brands, ultimately evolving them into results-oriented inspirational worlds that speak directly to a broad range of consumers.

A consummate team-builder, Laura conceives and disseminates “the big idea” for her clients, frequently running multiple complex shoots at the same time. She begins with a very free and open process mixing facts and observations, constructing a personal “encyclopedia” that anchors each of her projects.

Laura marries the creative vision of a fine artist with profound commercial savvy. She collaborates with teams to plan, concept and create evocative, strategically-minded, omni-channel content that connects with customers and meets objectives.

For Laura, managing the entire creative process—from direction to design to delivery—for premium lifestyle and interior brands is second nature. She has crafted storytelling and visual identities for Britain’s most loved legacy retailers: John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.