Photographer Kristy Noble’s images ask questions of the viewer – where are we? Why are we here? What are the stories behind the objects and domestic interiors on view? Her work is filled with inferences, implying rather than describing, resulting in images that are mysterious, sensual and intentionally deconstructed.

With a childhood spent moving throughout the glorious North Yorkshire countryside, Kristy’s mother was a searcher – a flight attendant, model, florist, gallerist, matchmaker and antiques shop owner who encouraged creative exploration. Kristy trained in fine art, psychology and photography in the US and UK, and you can see her educated eye in every visual choice she makes. She is fascinated by the ways in which people’s personalities are expressed through their decorating choices, and always begins her highly collaborative process with a narrative idea.

Influenced by sculpture and fine art, Kristy has the spirit of an explorer and the insight of a designer, using color, shapes, mood, negative space and a 360 view to explore domesticity and the everyday. Objects, interiors and spaces are treated as star attractions, with an impromptu quality that infers the lives lived within. She is sought out by editorial and brands spanning subjects from Japanese ceramics to geometric handbags, Viennese constructivism and the Bauhaus, British crafts, antique rugs, and by the health, beauty, fragrance, and wellness sectors.