Born in America’s heartland to a peripatetic Midwestern family, Food and Drinks stylist and Master Baker Drew Achiele comes naturally by his charm and adaptability. His father is a consensus building retail communications expert, and his mother a patient, insightful educator. They provided the foundation for Drew’s role as a born collaborator and integral part of any creative team of image makers in the food and beverage realm.

Drew began his lifelong cooking and baking journey as an adolescent, curious about diverse foods and quality ingredients while on what might seem to be a completely different career path as a social worker. Really not so different, as it further reinforced his ability to produce, listen carefully, engage and execute in any situation for some of the top brands and the artists who shoot for them.

By 2016, Drew had switched careers and was working full-time in the food industry. He became a Master Baker and Wedding Cake maker extraordinaire at Milk Bar in New York, saying that “The baking side lets me be precise and seek perfection, and the cooking side allows me be a little more playful and experimental.” His highly developed and informed sense of aesthetics underline his joyous, colorful and approachable sensibilities while he shares his gift in making understood our emotional connection to what—and how—we eat.